Privatkunden / Gartenrebe

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About us

We are not called vine NURSERY for nothing. Every year we learn and grow with the seedlings and create the best conditions for a long vine life. To do this, we combine professional and human skills with a good dose of intuition.

Vine assortment

Viticulture - for you, as for us, that is an open-air workplace. And this increasingly surprises us with unusual climatic situations. Robust and vital vine types are our goal in the selection and propagation of classic and new varieties.

Pioneer vines

The idea behind the fungus-resistant varieties is simple: save life time and resources - for you as a vintner and for nature alike. We cross classic and new grapevine genetics to create varieties that are convincing in the vineyards and wine glasses.


The climate is changing noticeably. And viticultural structures are also changing. It is becoming increasingly important to establish a network of experience and knowledge between vine-growing and researching people in order to gather and exchange reliable information.